Breather Caps Pack a Big Punch

Posted: March 31, 2016

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Vortox Breather Caps are a filtering device designed for use on power transmissions and gear boxes.


Breather Caps can be used in positive and negative pressure atmospheres. In negative pressure the breather cap filters out potentially harmful contaminants from the air stream. In a positive pressure the breather cap captured oily ambient air in the filter media, and once air flow is stopped, the captured oil is directed back to its source.


Vortox Breather Caps have three internal media options:
– Foam
– Woven Steel Wire
– Stainless Steel Wire/Mesh


Vortox Breather Caps come in five styles: DA, DB, DC, SS, and Dipstick.
DA Style – slip fit over an existing tube
DB Style – Male pipe thread fittings
DC Style – Female pipe thread fittings
SS Style – Select DB and DC styles available in Stainless Steel
Dipstick Style – Primarily slip fit style with fluid level indicator attached



You’ve had the rest, now get the best.

Posted: September 30th, 2015

You've had the rest

Tired of Products Failing You?

We’ve all been down that road. There are two choices; one is more expensive but better quality, the other is cheaper and looks it. You choose to save a few bucks and get the cheaper version only to find that it breaks after a few months. Not only are you now in a bind, but when you try to call for help you’re outsourced and given answers that have been written in a dialogue book and are no help to your specific application. Now you’re spending twice as much money to replace something that should have performed well for an extended period of time.

Vortox Air Technology, Inc. products may not be the least expensive, but they will perform the task at hand, and perform it well – without fail. Our products are not outsourced, they are made right here at our manufacturing facility in Claremont, California by American manufacturers. All of the steel used in the construct our products is high quality, and specifically selected to meet our rigorous standards. If you need assistance, we have staff that is more than happy to answer questions, solve problems, and provide information to your specific issue. We are here to help you and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed in our products.

Make the right choice.

Choose VORTOX products to get the job done right the first time.

Breather Caps for Added Protection

Posted: June 1, 2015

Is dirt becoming a problem for your engine? Another way to ensure the life of your engine is to consider adding a Vortox Breather Cap to your filter system. Vortox Air Technology, Inc. Breather Caps have the ability to work in negative and positive pressure environments, limit the work load of a filter, and provide further protection from agents that harm engines. Look at our line of Breather Caps to decide which is the right size and style for your needs.

Breather Caps

Vortox Products Press Release

Press release date: October 21, 2014

Vortox Air Technology Produces
Superior Air Filtration Solutions

Among Vortox’s Strengths Are Its
Custom Production, On-Site Engineering,
Deep Draw Capabilities, and Customer Collaboration

Vortox Air Technology, Inc.
121 South Indian Hill Boulevard
Claremont, CA 91711

Claremont, CA—Vortox Air Technology, Inc., an American manufacturer of innovative solutions to air filtration needs for many industries, offers a wide variety of products, accessories, and services.

Vortox excels at producing custom, high-quality, diverse applications using almost entirely domestic materials. All products are engineered and constructed on site at Vortox’s facility in
Claremont, California, so there is no need for outsourcing.

Another of Vortox’s advantages is the fact that the company performs Deep Draw, a prized and uncommon procedure. Combining Deep Draw with its ability to polish parts to the clearest and brightest finishes possible makes Vortox truly unique.

And Vortox’s legendary close collaboration with its customers empowers it to create the perfect custom product for nearly any industrial requirement.



Following is a sampling of Vortox Air Technology’s product line. For more information on any of these products, please visit

– Breather Caps are rugged, durable, and suitable for the harshest environments. They feature all-steel construction; resistance-welded joints; choice of polyurethane foam, woven galvanized steel mesh, or woven stainless steel mesh interior; and baked polyester powder coat finish.

– Liquid Samplers come as standard Liquid Samplers and In-the-Pipe Samplers, with a variety of accessories available.

  • Liquid Samplers are precision instruments for capture-grabbing and composite sampling. Easy to install, use, and maintain, they are available in standard 316L stainless steel or Teflon®-coated 316L stainless steel on internal surfaces where the effluent is captured.
  • In-the-Pipe Samplers use a two-ball valve assembly to collect liquid samples. An external upper ball rests on an intake orifice until liquid causes it to float. A lowerball then floats and seals the bottom of the orifice.
  • Accessories include Grate Assemblies, Sump Assemblies, Eye Bolts and Cables, Sump Assembly Lids, Plug Assemblies, and Teflon® Coating.

– Separators use coalescing media to filter oil and dirt out of air, or water out of fuel. Lined with self-washing Vortox filter elements, the customizable separators are vertical mounting and have electrogalvanized-coated, cold-rolled carbon steel construction with black baked polyester coat finish.

– Air Cleaners are manufactured in both standard and new Low Profile styles. Truck Blower Air Cleaners, Alternate Fuel Air Cleaners, Oil Bath Air Cleaners, Dry Air Cleaners,
and Marine Air Cleaners are also available.

  • Truck Air Cleaners use Vortox filter elements to keep truck engines running cleaner longer with their rugged and durable all-T304 stainless steel construction, large dirt-holding capacity, and Vortox-pioneered integrated Inlet Cap design. They’re offered in 13-inch and 15-inch models and are fully customizable.
  • Low Profile Air Cleaners have shortened screens and studs to put a stylish accent on the rugged, reliable Truck Air Cleaner of choice for truckers around the world.
  • Truck Blower Air Cleaners are engineered for longer service life with 99.97% filtration efficiency. Tested to SAE J726C standards, they are available in T304 stainless steel or electrogalvanized-coated carbon steel.
  • Alternate Fuel Air Cleaners are used on machines that rely on propane or compressed natural gas as a fuel source. Easy to service and constructed of rugged carbon steel finished in a black baked polyester coating, they have a higher air flow than diesel engine air cleaners.
  • Oil Bath Air Cleaners feature self-washing filter elements, large dust-holding capacity, vertical mounting capability, carbon steel construction, and a large variety of sizes.
  • Dry Air Cleaners protect engines using advanced filter paper technology to provide up to 99.99% efficiency and are available in single-stage or multistage configurations for the harshest environments.
  • Marine Air Cleaners keep engines clean in moist environments where continuous exposure to dust is not a concern. They reduce noise and filter debris before it reaches the engine. They don’t rust and are completely washable.



Following is a sampling of the accessories available for Vortox Air Technology’s products. For more information on any of these accessories, please visit

– Filter Elements come tapered with metal ends and gaskets on both ends, with metal end plates and gaskets on the open end, with plastisol ends, with metal end plates that are open on both ends with gaskets on both, and in marine and monel styles.
– Precleaners are most often used in extremely dusty environments to reduce the dust load, extend periods between servicing, and lengthen the life of filter elements.
– Band Brackets, made of stainless or carbon steel, are primarily used for mounting purposes, typically to mount Vortox air cleaners. Current sizes are 5 to 18 inches, but smaller or larger sizes can be created. Stainless steel brackets are finished in a number 7 buff. Carbon steel brackets can be finished in a black powder coat or left unpainted for customizing.
– Inlet Caps are an essential component in the protection of filter elements used in both dry and oil wash air cleaners, functioning as a prefiltering mechanism and water shield.
– Elbows for the Truck Blower Air Cleaner comply with the increased expectations of modern truck blowers, which require higher vacuum intake pressure, without collapsing.
– Truck Blower Accessory Kit, for connecting the Air Cleaner to the Blower, contains a stainless steel tube, two hump hoses, and four stainless steel hose clamps.
– Screen Shortening Kit for the Truck Air Cleaner includes everything needed to create the sleek look of Vortox’s Low Profile Truck Air Cleaners without voiding the warranty.



Following is a sampling of the services provided by Vortox Air Technology. For more information on any of these services, please visit

– Contract Manufacturing is offered in the following areas: Deep Draw, Coalescence
Filtration, Air Filtration, Air Separation, Plasma Welding, and Sheet Metal Fabrication.
– Deep Draw is the cornerstone of almost all of Vortox’s products and many of its exclusive contracted products. Vortox emphasizes in the range of 12 to 24 gauge in a variety of metals, and it is capable of reaching 250 tons with depth capabilities of 24 inches.
– Coalescence Filtration media are manufactured in-house of galvanized coated and stainless steel wire, ensuring that high ambient-heat applications do not affect performance. Service life can extend for years.
– Air Filtration devices are manufactured for virtually any type of engine or compressor application, and Vortox offers complete engineering, testing, tooling, and manufacturing capabilities to suit both standard and custom applications.
– Air Separation is a core strength of Vortox’s engineering capabilities, as applications like compressors, crankcase ventilation, and brake systems require the separation of oil in an air system. Most separators are tailored to specific applications.
– Plasma Welding is performed by two machines capable of producing longitudinal welds on cylinders up to 36 inches length by 20 inches diameter. Custom fixtures provide a seamless and continuous butt weld with 100% penetration. Exceptional control of the heat-affected zone minimizes deflection and carbide precipitation.o Sheet Metal Fabrication, including final assemblies such as spot welding, seam welding, powder coating, and polishing, are completed by Vortox’s full welding and fabrication capabilities.

About Vortox Air Technology, Inc.


Beginning in the 1950s, Vortox Company participated with others in the industry to establish the basic specifications of all air filtration devices used globally in automotive, industrial, agricultural, and military applications. Vortox designed and developed the integrated cap and screen-polished stainless steel air cleaner seen today on cowl-mounted class 8 trucks and has continued to serve the oil, automotive, trucking, alternative-fuel, electromotive, agriculture, industrial, and defense industries, providing a complete line of oil bath and dry type air cleaners, separators, and accessories to original equipment manufacturers and additional distributors. In January 2010, Vortox Air Technology, Inc. acquired the sales and manufacturing assets of Vortox Company.

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