Happiness? We can help with that.

Posted: November 17th, 2014


We can certainly help you there! Our Truck Air Cleaners are now available in Low Profile, which means shorter screens and a new, edgier look. They’re polished so bright, you’re sure to get noticed!

Still Skeptical about Rubber Elbows?

Posted: November 12th, 2014

Don’t be. The proof is in the tests.

Elbow Test PictureElbow website photo 2

Our Rubber Elbows have been redesigned to be stronger and more durable than ever. Made with high quality EPDM materials, they consistently achieve a vacuum collapse rating of over 18″ Hg. Mercury. Our Rubber Elbows allow for unlimited flexibility in mounting and have been tested for an excess of 48 hours continuous vacuum load without fail.

NEW! Reinforced Head

Posted: November 10th, 2014

A Vortox Air Technology Product Enhancement

Introducing the all new reinforced head with formed ribbing surrounding the Camlock connection to minimize the potential of deflection and metal fatigue.The internal locator tube has matching reinforced ribbing.

Reinforced Cap FB
The new Reinforced Head is made of 18 gauge T304 Stainless Steel that is resistance welded. It is finished in the same brightest buff as all Vortox Air Technology Stainless Steel products.

For more information on Vortox Air Technology’s NEW Reinforced Head for Truck Blower Air Cleaners, contact us today!

11 days until Tank Truck Week

Posted: October 30th, 2014

There are only 11 more days until NTTC’s National Tank Truck Week kicks off in Houston, Texas. We are busy gathering everything we will be showing in our booth, and cannot wait to see you all. We hope that each of you will stop by Vortox Air Technology’s booth (409) to see our great line of Truck Blower Air Cleaners as well as new products, product enhancements, and information on further tests that we have run.

Again, we hope to see you all there. See where we will be located below.


NEW! Low Profile Air Cleaners

Posted: October 10th, 2014

Looking for something to get your truck noticed? Our new Low Profile Truck Air Cleaners are just the ticket! Your truck will be impossible not to notice with these as eye candy. Visit our New! Low Profile Truck Air Cleaners page for dimensions and other information.

Shortened Screen JPG