Press Release: Vortox Air Technology’s Oil Bath Air Cleaners Excel As Precleaners

Press release date: October 21, 2015

Vortox Air Technology, Inc.
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Claremont, CA – Vortox Air Technology, Inc., an American manufacturer of innovative solutions to many industries’ air filtration needs, reminds consumers that its oil bath air cleaners make excellent precleaners when used in conjunction with another air cleaner.

With an oil bath air cleaner as a first line of defense, followed by a second air cleaner – usually a dry air cleaner – engines are better protected from dirt and contaminants that can cause breakage, downtime, and other problems. Using the oil bath as a precleaner also extends the life of the primary air cleaner because so much of the dirt is caught before reaching it.

This method, which doesn’t void existing warranties, results in less downtime for maintenance since the paper filters don’t have to be changed as often and fewer paper filters need to be purchased.

Oil bath air cleaners function so well as precleaners because they are highly efficient and are able to process large amounts of dirt much better than dry air cleaners. And since the only necessary servicing is a generic oil change, they require much less maintenance.

Sizes from 75-1500 CFM are available. All Vortox oil bath air cleaners attain 90% efficiency at only 20% CFM capacity, and they come in a variety of styles for all applications.

Oil bath air cleaner feature self-washing filter elements, large dust-holding capacity, vertical mounting capability, carbon steel construction, and a large variety of sizes. Dry air cleaners protect engines using advanced filter paper technology to provide 99.99% efficiency and are available in single-stage or multistage configurations for the harshest environments.

For more information on Vortox’s complete line of oil bath air and dry air cleaners, along with the rest of the Vortox product line, please visit Vortox Air Technology at or call (909) 621-3843.

About Vortox Air Technology, Inc.

Beginning in the 1950s, Vortox Company participated with others in the industry to establish the basic specifications of all air filtration devices used globally in automotive, industrial, agricultural, and military applications. Vortox designed and developed the integrated cap and screen-polished stainless steel air cleaner seen today on cowl-mounted class 8 trucks and has continued to serve the oil, automotive, trucking, alternative-fuel, electromotive, agriculture, industrial, and defense industries, providing a complete line of oil bath and dry type air cleaners, separators, and accessories to original equipment manufacturers and additional distributors. In January 2010, Vortox Air Technology, Inc. acquired the sales and manufacturing assets of Vortox Company.

Jenna Harrison – Sales
John Hyatt – Sales Manager
(909) 621-3843

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Oil Bath Air Cleaners Make the Best Precleaners

Posted: May 27th, 2015

In case you haven’t heard, Vortox Air Technology, Inc. Oil Bath Air Cleaners are the perfect Precleaner. Want to know why?

OBAC as Precleaner new look

If you’re interested in saving time, money, and equipment, give Vortox Air Technology, Inc. Oil Bath Air Cleaners a try as a Precleaner. You won’t be disappointed. That’s the Vortox promise.

Oil Bath Air Cleaners as Precleaners

Posted: December 3rd, 2014

Did you know…

Vortox Air Technology Oil Bath Air Cleaners make the perfect Precleaner for mining, industrial, and excavation applications.

What is a Precleaner?

A Precleaner is usually attached to an air cleaner’s inlet tube and is used to filter out large dirt and debris. Precleaners are commonly used in environments that produce heavy amounts of dirt, dust, and other contaminants. They are an added protection for the engine, and also reduce the amount of filter element change-outs in the air cleaner by collecting the majority of the dirt.

Why an Oil Bath?

  • -They can attain a 98% efficiency
  • -They are lined with the Vortox filter element, which is self-washing and sustains the life of the product
  • -They have a large dust holding capacity, which means fewer filter change outs, and less down time for machinery
  • -When used as a precleaner they will protect air cleaners and engines better than a paper filter air cleaner alone
  • -Air cleaners using oil wash technology have a 90% efficiency when using only 20% of cfm capabilities
  • -Vortox Air Technology has Oil Bath Air Cleaners in sizes ranging from 75-1500 cfm in a variety of styles
  • -The cost of maintenance is low: only replacement oil


Using a Vortox Air Technology Oil Bath Air Cleaner as a precleaner for your application will save you time, money, and lengthen the life of your equipment.

Find Out More

Find out which Oil Bath Air Cleaner will best assist your application by visiting the Oil Bath Air Cleaner Pages. Please contact us with any questions or to request further information. Our knowledgeable associates are more than happy to help and will ensure that the proper size is determined!