Oil Bath Air Cleaners

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Why Choose Vortox Oil Bath Air Cleaners?

  • Self washing filter element
  • Filter element sustains the life of the product
  • Vortox Air Technology filter element
  • Large dust holding capacity
  • When used as a Precleaner, saves filter changes
  • Minimum 95-98% efficiency
  • Vertical mounting
  • Carbon Steel construction
  • Silences intake noise
  • Large variety of sizes
  • G, GA, S, and SA styles
  • Fewer maintenance down time than paper filters

Proven Durability

Gas – Gasoline – Diesel Engines – Air Compressors –
Highway Trucks – Buses – Tractors – Construction Equipment –
Power Units – Excavation – Mining – Logging – Generator

G Series

G style is designed for service on engines and compressors with a clamped hose or flexible tubing connection. Built with a horizontal tubular outlet, removable prefilter, and provisions for an extended inlet cap, the G style is suitable for vertical mounting.

GA Series

Similar to the G style, the GA is designed for service on enfines and compressors where a direct connection may be made with companion flanges. GA styles are flanged, faced, and threaded, and do not require mounting support brackets.

S Series

Compact in design and light weight, the S style sustains heavy use and produces a minimum restriction of airflow by utilizing the Centrifugal action of helical flutes. S series has a horizontal tubular outlet (for use with hose) and is made for vertical mounting.

SA Series

SA styles are durable, compact, and lightweight, with the added feature of a flanged outlet for direct mounting without bracket support.

For more information on Vortox Air Technology’s Oil Bath Air Cleaners, read our Oil Bath Air Cleaner Press Release, Service Parts Lists, Service Instructions and Installation Instructions found under the Literature Section.
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