Construction of G and GA Oil Bath Air Cleaners

Posted: December 10th, 2014

G GA ConstructionG GA Air Flow

The G and GA styles of Oil Bath Air Cleaners are very similar in design because they are engineered for use on large applications. They are composed of four elements: the Body Assembly, the Prefilter, the Disc, and the Cup.

The Body Assembly houses the Vortox Air Technology filter element, which is made of finely coiled interlocking steel wire and will sustain the life of the product.

The continuous circulation of oil throughout the air cleaner on a controlled basis from low to high air velocity creates a large holding capacity.

The Prefilter catches chaff, lint, and large dirt particles before it reaches the main filter and deflects the heavier dirt and oil into the Oil Cup. The Prefilter is easily removable for quick servicing.

The Disc controls the proper measuring and dispersion of oil from the Cup.

The Cup serves as an oil and dirt reservoir, which should be emptied when the oil thickens to the consistency of SAE 60 oil at 70 degrees Fahrenheit or when the Cup is 1/4 filled with dirt.

Please note: An Oil Bath Air Cleaner will last as long as it is serviced properly. Environments producing extreme amounts of dust will need to service air cleaners more frequently. For servicing instructions, please refer to the “Service Instructions” folder located in the Literature section.