You’ve had the rest, now get the best.

Posted: September 30th, 2015

You've had the rest

Tired of Products Failing You?

We’ve all been down that road. There are two choices; one is more expensive but better quality, the other is cheaper and looks it. You choose to save a few bucks and get the cheaper version only to find that it breaks after a few months. Not only are you now in a bind, but when you try to call for help you’re outsourced and given answers that have been written in a dialogue book and are no help to your specific application. Now you’re spending twice as much money to replace something that should have performed well for an extended period of time.

Vortox Air Technology, Inc. products may not be the least expensive, but they will perform the task at hand, and perform it well – without fail. Our products are not outsourced, they are made right here at our manufacturing facility in Claremont, California by American manufacturers. All of the steel used in the construct our products is high quality, and specifically selected to meet our rigorous standards. If you need assistance, we have staff that is more than happy to answer questions, solve problems, and provide information to your specific issue. We are here to help you and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed in our products.

Make the right choice.

Choose VORTOX products to get the job done right the first time.

Why get plastic when you can have steel?

Posted: September 16th, 2015

Why get plastic when you can have steel copy

Did you know…?

Steel products will last longer than plastic.

Steel has the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, without sustaining damage. Plastic will crack in cold temperatures and melt in extremely hot temperatures. Additionally, steel is corrosion resistant – no rust!

Steel is more durable than plastic.

Unlike plastic, steel is less likely to break and more easily modified. If it does become damaged, it is usually a dent which can be fixed. Steel products allow the flexibility of customization. There is no need for special mold tooling with steel.

Steel is actually less expensive than plastic.

When you look at the life span and durability of a steel product versus a plastic product of the same nature, steel will always last longer and require less maintenance than plastic. Although a steel product may cost more upfront, it will save you money in the long run.