Oil Bath Air Cleaner Press Release

Press release date: December 24th, 2013

Vortox Air Technology, Inc. Announces
Innovative Line of Oil Bath Air Cleaners

Product Line Meets the Challenges of a
Variety of Air Filtering Requirements

Vortox Air Technology, Inc.
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Claremont, CA 91711

Claremont, CA – Vortox Air Technology, Inc., an American manufacturer offering innovative solutions to air filtration needs for a variety of industries, has released a full line of Oil Bath Air Cleaners, including G, GA, S, and SA Series.

G and GA Series
Vortox’s highly efficient G and GA Series Oil Bath Air Cleaners are available with either clamps or rods and are intended for stationary diesel machinery such as excavating equipment, long-run gasoline or diesel units, and large dirt-moving equipment that are exposed to heavy dust and oil. The G series is designed for service on engines and compressors with a preexisting clamped hose or flexible tubing connection. Equipped with a horizontal tubular outlet and provisions for an extended inlet cap, the G style is suitable for vertical mounting with the aid of a saddle bracket. Additionally, the customer receives a choice of rods or clamps to secure the oil cup. Both are cadmium plated to prevent rusting.

The G and GA styles Oil Bath Air Cleaner are engineered for heavy use of large quantities. They are composed of four elements: the Body Assembly, Prefilter, Disc, and Cup. The Body Assembly houses the Vortox Air Technology filter element, which is made of finely coiled interlocking steel wire to sustain the life of the product. The Continuous circulation of oil throughout the cleaner on a controlled basis from low- to high- air velocity creates a large dust-holding capacity. The Prefilter catches chaff and lint before they reach the main filter and deflects the heavier dirt and oil into the oil Cup. The Prefilter is also easily removable for quick servicing. The Disc controls the proper measuring and dispersion of oil from the Cup. Finally, the Cup serves as an oil and dirt reservoir.

The GA Series, similar to the G Series in terms of body style, provides a large dust-holding capacity and minimizes intake noise. The GA style is designed for service on engines and compressors in which a direct connection can be made with companion flanges. GA cleaners are suitable for direct vertical mounting. Due to its flanged connection, this cleaner does not require the support of mounting bands or brackets.

S and SA Series
Vortox’s S Series Oil Bath Air Cleaner features a horizontal tubular outlet for use with a hose. It is designed to be mounted vertically with the assistance of a saddle bracket. Both the S and SA Series are smaller and more lightweight than the G or GA, requiring less space for mounting. S and SA styles are composed of three elements: the Body Assembly, Vortex Chamber, and Cup. The air is first centrifugated by the Vortex Chamber to separate large particles of dust. Air then flows into the filter element located in the Body Assembly, along with oil from the oil reservoir. As dust is suspended in the air, clean air passes through the filter, and the dirty oil drains back to the Cup. Dirt separates from oil in the Cup.

The SA series is similar to the S style in terms of look and design. In addition to being compact and lightweight, the SA features a flanged outlet that allows for direct mounting without any band or saddle brackets.

Why Choose Vortox Air Technology’s Oil Bath Air Cleaner?
All Vortox Oil Bath Air Cleaners are self-washing and will sustain themselves for the life of the product. They also feature large dust-holding capacities, vertical mounting, carbon steel construction, baked polyester powder coat finish, and intake noise silencers and come in a large variety of sizes. The Oil Bath Air Cleaner has proven to be durable in gasoline-powered equipment, diesel engines, air compressors, highway trucks, buses, tractors, construction equipment, power units, and excavation equipment.

For more information on Vortox’s complete line of Oil Bath Air Cleaners, along with the rest of its product line, please visit Vortox Air Technology at www.vortox.com or call (909) 621-3843.

About Vortox Air Technology, Inc.
Since the 1950s, Vortox Company has participated with others in the industry to establish the basic specifications of all air filtration devices used globally in automotive, industrial, agricultural, and military applications. Vortox designed and developed the integrated cap and screen polished Stainless Steel air cleaner seen today on cowl-mounted class 8 trucks and has continued to serve the oil, automotive, trucking, alternate fuel, electromotive, agriculture, industrial, and defense industries, providing a complete line of oil bath and dry type air cleaners, separators, and accessories to original equipment manufacturers and additional distributors. In January 2010, Vortox Air Technology acquired the sales and manufacturing assets of Vortox Company.

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