Welded Elbow Bottom Outlet

Truck Blower Air Cleaners

Integrated Cap and Screen with Bottom Outlet and Welded Elbow

Truck Blower Air Cleaners with Bottom Outlet and Welded Elbow

Vortox Air Technology is pleased to introduce a new approach to our bottom outlet air cleaners. Now offering pressure only and pressure/vacuum models with 5" welded stainless steel elbows. These new models also include product enhancements such as a filter element cover to divert any ingested water away from the paper element and a drain hole in the bottom of the canister to allow water to exit the air cleaner.

Vortox Air Technology Truck Blower Air Cleaners

Truck Blower Air Cleaners are available in pressure or pressure/vacuum models. Pressure/vacuum models come with a 4" NPT aluminum camlock fitting installed. Truck Blower Air Cleaners with welded elbow are currently available in either polished T304 Stainless Steel. Each Vortox Air Technology air cleaner also comes with a washable internal foam precleaner to reduce blower noise, and paper filter element. Filter removal is achieved in three easy steps: removing the band clamp, lifting the top off, and removing the filter element.

We take great pride in our quality, craftsmanship, and finish, which can be seen in every air cleaner we manufacture. One look at a Vortox Air Technology air cleaner will make you forget about the others.

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