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Truck Blower Air Cleaner Elbows


90˚ EPD, air intake elbow complies with the increased expectations of modern truck blowers that require higher vacuum intake pressure.

Made specifically for Vortox Air Technology, Inc. Truck Blower Air Cleaner applications.

Feature Benefits

  • Vacuum collapse rating (P/Ns 22549 & 22550) meets 17″ Hg. Mercury for most blower applications.
  • Recommended for temperatures -40˚F to +300˚F duty.
  • Low Temp. Brittleness, D2137, Method A; Non-Brittle after 3 minutes at -40˚C.
  • 80± Shore A hardness +5/-5
  • 1015 PSI Tensile, minimum
  • Elongation: 200%
  • Model Numbers Include

    22549, 22550, 22563



    Elbow Test Picture

    We’ve run extensive tests!

    Why choose a Vortox Air Technology Rubber Elbow?

    • – 5×5 and 5×4 Elbows are designed to withstand 18″ Hg. Mercury vacuum
    • – Rubber Elbows allow unlimited flexibility in mounting
    • – Both 5×5 and 5×4 sizes have been tested for an excess of 48 hours under continuous vacuum load
    Elbow website photo 2