SA Oil Bath Air Cleaner


The SA series is similar to the S style in looks and design. In addition to being compact and lightweight, the SA’s outlet is flanged which allows for direct mounting without any Band or Saddle Brackets.

SA Oil Bath Air Cleaners

Vortox S & SA Oil Bath Air Cleaners

The S and SA Oil Bath Air Cleaners are smaller and less weight than the G or GA, requiring less space for mounting. Both S and SA styles are made of three units: the Body Assembly, Vortex Chamber, and Cup. The air is first centrifugated by the Vortex Chamber to separate large particles of dust. Air then flows into the filter element located in the Body Assembly, along with oil from the oil reservoir. Dust is suspended in the air. Clean air passes through the filter to the outlet and the dusty oil drains back to the Cup.

Model Numbers Include

SA60, SA78, SA90, SA90C, SA90P, SA110, SA110R, SA120

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