CL Inlet Caps


CL Inlet Caps

The CL series are a rain type Inlet Cap, which is to be used at a low velocity and creates low restriction. Comparable to the CS style in universal design, the CL series provides more protection from water intake. Select CL models are available in Stainless Steel and are identified with the prefix “SSB.”

Vortox Inlet Caps

Inlet Caps, or Rain Bonnets, are an essential component in the protection of filter elements used in both dry and oil wash air cleaners. They function as a pre-filtering mechanism for the air cleaner, preventing large particles of debris from potentially harming the air cleaner and filter element in addition to shielding water ingress.

Model Numbers Include

CL12040, CL12050, CL12060, CL14050, CL14055, CL14060, SSB-CL14060, SSB-CL14070A, CL16055, CL16060, SSB-CL16060, CL16070, SSB-CL16070, CL16080, CL18060, SSB-CL18060, CL18070, SSB-CL18070, CL18080, SSB-CL18080, 11756C