Options & Accessories

Grate Assemblies

Traffic rates FSG8A amd FSG10A. Non-traffic rated FSG10B. Cast Iron secured with Allen head screws.
FSG8A: Use with Sump Assembly FSS8A
FSG10A & FSG10B: Use with Sump Assembly FSS10

grate copy

Grate Assembly copy

Sump Assemblies

Stainless Steel completely sealed.
FSS8A – Use with Storm Water Samplers FS8A & FST8A
FSS10 – Use with Storm Water Samplers FS10A & FST10A

Sump Assembly
Sump Assembly

Eye Bolts (4) and Cables (2)

– Stainless Steel
FSE18 – Used to suspend Storm Water Samplers: FS8A and FST8A beneath existing grates.

Sump Assembly Lid / Cover

– Stainless Steel , aids in keeping Sump free from debris (not water tight) when Sampler is not in place.


  • FSL8-Use with Sump Assembly FSS8A
  • FSL10-Use with Sump Assembly FSS10

Teflon® Coating

(Optional) – Applied to the inner surface of the sample collector and shaft portion of the center port valve assembly. Teflon® Coating is designated by the letter “T” as the third alpha character in the Sampler part number (Ex:FST8A).

Teflon png