In-the-Pipe Sampler

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In-The-Pipe Sampler

Vortox Air Technology’s In-the-Pipe Sampler uses a two ball valve assembly to collect a liquid sample. An upper ball is external to the system, which rests on an intake orifice and keeps the system sanitary until liquid causes the ball to float. As the ball floats, liquid enters he collection chamber at a rate that is governed by setting the intake adjusting screw. The lower ball will float and close off the intake flow by sealing the bottom of the orifice.

In-the-Pipe Sampler Options & Accessories

Expanding Band Assemblies – All Stainless Steel, fits into selected diameter pipes (manholes or outfalls) and holds the In-the-Pipe Sampler in position. These bands will make with any of the Samplers listed below:

FSX24 – Expanding band fits 18-24 inch diameter pipes

FSX30 – Expanding band fits 24-30 inch diameter pipes

Samplers – All Stainless Steel construction, polypropylene ball valves, nitrile ball valve gasket.

FS3A – .80 gallon / 3 liter capacity Sampler

FST3A – “Teflon® lined” .80 gallon / 3 liter Sampler

FSTD3A – “Teflon® lined” .80 gallon / 3 liter Sampler with inflatable dam*.

*Compressed air required to inflate dam