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Protect Your Engine with Vortox Air Technology Dry Air Cleaners

Vortox Air Technology, Inc. Dry Air Cleaners are industry tested and proven to protect your engine. Dry Air Cleaners use advanced filter paper technology to provide up to 99.99% efficiency and are available in many configurations. Available in either single stage or multistage configurations, we have an air cleaner that fits your application. As always, Vortox Air Technology Air Cleaners are constructed of durable Electro Galvanized Cold Rolled Steel and are finished with black polyester powder paint. Our Air Cleaners are designed to withstand the harshest conditions internationally.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, it doesn’t mean we do not have it. We offer many variations to our existing designs or we will design to fit your needs. Either way, we are here to serve you. Small lot size runs are welcome, and as always, customer service and quality are our top priorities.

  • Single or multistage air cleaners
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting options
  • Maximum engine protection
  • Large dirt holding capacity
  • Easy servicing
  • Universal replacement filters
  • All steel construction
  • Choice of cup latches or rigid side rods

ABA Series

The AB style is designed for vertical mounting where a side outlet is required. These air cleaners are multistage for medium to severe environments where maximum engine protection is required. Available from 220-1000 CFM and 8″-16″ diameters.

AB Series

The ABA series air cleaner is the same as the AB style, except an outlet flange is utilized rather than an outlet tube. This feature allows for direct mounting.

AD Series

AD air cleaners are a horizontally mounted multistage air cleaner used in severe dust environments. There are two styles, single and double louver, which maximizes the first stage of dust removal.Air flow capacity reaches 1650 CFM.

AN Series

AN styles come in a variety of designs and sizes. All are single stage, designed for both indoor and outdoor use and can be mounted at any angle.

AP Series

AP styles are designed to be vertically mounted with a bottom outlet that is multistage. Inlet configurations come in either tubular or shrouded forms, and the APA series has a flanged outlet for direct mounting.

AU Series

Multistage air cleaners that are either vertical or horizontally mounted, the AU design has a tubular side inlet for either direct mounting or remote inlet design configurations.